Why Cleverlearn in Caregiving?

The easygoing way to work overseas is to become a CAREGIVER. Today, profound changes are seen in almost every place of the globe. The ever increasing population and the everyday life have brought about an alarming insufficiency of social support throughout the world.

Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI) is committed to help fill the gap through the Caregiver Program. It provides all-inclusive training to produce certified live–in caregivers. Live–in caregivers are individuals qualified to provide support to children and elderly as well as to persons with disabilities in private homes without supervision.


To produce certified live– in caregivers who are highly competent and competitive to provide assistance to children and elderly as well as to persons with disabilities and dependable in the field of caregiving. To equip students with effective communication skills using English language.

As people live longer in industrial countries, the percentage of the elderly population is rising. In Japan, by the year 2040, the percentage of the elderly rises to 44.70%; that is almost half the population of Japan. In the UK and Canada, it will rise up to 33% and so with the other developed European countries. A large population of elderly has a greater need of healthcare and so this means there is a big market and need for caregivers all over the world.

As the years go by, the lifestyle of the people living in these industrial countries will change. Family members will no longer have time to care for a sick or elder family member. This, therefore, presents an opportunity for the trained caregiver in these countries. The trained caregiver will take the place of the family member who cannot take care of these patients.

With the shift in style also, both parents feel the need to work. A problem in who takes care of the child arises. This is where the trained caregivers comes in. The trained caregiver will take care of the children whose parents are both working.

These job opportunities in developed countries are steadily increasing over the years. The demand for health caregivers poses a very good market for jobs in the developed countries.

This is why we, at Cleverlearn, feel the need of extending this training to people for a brighter future.

3 thoughts on “Why Cleverlearn in Caregiving?

  1. celicg says:

    The Cleverlearn Cebu Caregiving. A resource for young and professional caregivers to help and provide the best caregiving experience for the patient.

  2. good afternoon!i would like to ask your contact number please?and i would like to know if how much is your tuition for the caregiving training?for how many months?

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