Cleverlearn Caregiver School

CLEVERLEARN is committed to help fill the gap. Introducing, Cleverlearn Caregiving Program that provides comprehensive training to produce certified live- in caregivers. Live– in caregivers are individuals qualified to provide assistance to children and elderly as well as to persons with disabilities in private homes without supevision.

In order to qualify as a certified caregiver, the course was developed to provide proper skills and techniques in handling infants/children, elderly and people with special needs or disabilities.

Course Modules

  • Live-in caregiver program
  • Basic Healthcare and Procedures 1
  • Basic Healthcare and Procedures 2
  • Basic Emergency Care
    • Disabilities and Special Needs
      • Infant and Child Care
    • Geriatrics Care
      • Home Management, Food and Nutrition
      • Personality Development and Effective Communication.

Other Inclusions

Two weeks on the job training (minimum): Hospital, Elderly Home and Hotel. Preparation for TESDA Competency Exam (National Certificate II)

Program Price

  • Tuition fee = 19,500 Php
    • *If Fully Paid = 10% discount – 17,550 Php
    • Enrollment fee = 3,000 Php
    • Monthly fee = 2,750 Php

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