The Essence of Caregivers as Health Care Providers

Caregiver is a person who provides assistance to an individual who has disability, or someone whose health is debilitated by sickness or old age. It is someone who manages medications or takes care of household chores, meals, or bills for another person who cannot do these things alone. This individual who needs aid is called the patient, is either staying in his or her own home, with his or her children, or mostly staying in a private elderly homes. There are also some government hospitals supported by associations with outreach programs who accept them as in-house patients.

Few decades ago, caregiving is an unpaid service provided by relatives or friends to a disabled or sick individual or aged people so that these people can maintain an independent lifestyle. When the percentage rate of elderly people from developed countries was enormously increasing, this brought an alarming insufficiency of health care providers from their own country. Caregiver is now starting to create a big market all over the world and caregiver training schools are emerging.

A health care provider doesn’t have to be a family member or a loved one. There are so many types of health care providers and one of them is a certified live-in caregiver and they are of huge demand because of the increasing population of the elderly people. The arising needs of health care providers abroad made many institutions to specialize caregiver training course.

For other people, caregiving is just another job or duty. But for Filipinos, it is more on doing what is the best for their loved ones or for their patients. A certified live-in caregivers supplied abroad from the Philippines are not just health care workers by certification but a reliable compassionate worker who can be an extended family member or simply a friend. Regardless of how difficult the task is, no matter how much sacrifice they have been through for their loved ones, taking care of sick and senile people have never been a problem.

In the Philippines, there are about 50 caregiver training schools within Metro Manila only and about 10 in Cebu City, and a lot more from other regions. These training schools are duly accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA, a Philippine government agency responsible for managing and supervising technical education and skills development in the Philippines.

2 thoughts on “The Essence of Caregivers as Health Care Providers

  1. Lee Song says:

    I agree! The easier way to work abroad is to become a CAREGIVER! 🙂

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